Bahrain – a chain of around 30 islands – a haven for tourists

By | June 7, 2011


The country has enjoyed increasing freedom of expression, and monitors say the human rights situation has improved. However, opposition groups and campaigners continue to press for political reforms, including greater powers for the elected assembly.

Bahrain has mainly two seasons—summer and winter. Summers in Bahrain archipelago are extremely hot and humid. During the summer months between April and October, the temperature can rise beyond 40?C. During this period, the average temperature of the country remains around 36°C. However, in June- July, the maximum temperature may rise up to 48?C. A dry southwest wind, locally known as ‘qaws’, blows in the region in summer months.

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Winter in Bahrain is experienced from December to March. During this period, the average temperature of the islands ranges between 10?C to 20?C. Winter months are relatively pleasant in Bahrain. In these months, humidity can rise up to 90%. In Bahrain, annual average rainfall is only 72 millimeters, which generally falls during winter season.In February 2011 thousands of demonstrators gathered for several days in the centre of Manama, inspired by the popular uprisings which toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt. Several people were killed in clashes with security forces, and the king responded to public anger by releasing some political prisoners.

Bahrain – a chain of around 30 islands – has been a haven for tourists from the region, who take advantage of its relaxed social environment. A close ally of the US, it is home to the American navy’s Fifth Fleet.



The charming Al Safir Hotel Bahrain is located just 5 kilometres from Manama city centre, close to the Grand Mosque and within easy reach of all area attractions. Bahrain Airport is a mere 10-kilometre from the hotel. Earthly colours invite you as you enter the stately mirrored courtyard door of Al Safir and observe every fine carving which characterises the inner arenas. Its undoubted Oriental architecture greets you with wide atriums that reach the skies and beautiful motifs.

Guests are offered spacious rooms, all air conditioned and beautifully decorated. Taste different exotic dishes at the hotel, including authentic Iraqi, Arabian and American dishes. Enjoy yourself at the Iranian bar that serves Iranian delicacies and a splendid evening at the nightclub with it’s live Arabian music, belly dancing and international folk dance shows.

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